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A business should be about giving back. Not about profit. Success should be measured in positive change. Not by gross sales. A company should focus on people who make what it sells. Not on the bottom line. A brand should be a message. Not just a product. Fairness should be a company’s code of conduct. Not just a sentence in its about us section. Sustainability should be a company’s short and long term goal. Not a footnote in its business plan. Equality should be in the company’s DNA. Not just on posters plastered on its walls. Humanity should be a company’s culture. Not limited to a hashtag on social media. A company should have balls. It should not be afraid of taking a stand. A company should make decisions based on what's right. Not on what reduces cost. We get up every morning and work towards upholding these values in everything we do. From the tea-estates we work with to logistics to packaging to the stand we take on issues. Your tea is picked, processed, and packaged by hand. In recycled boxes with recycled paper tape. Our discount codes are a statement. We believe when you do the right things, the right things happen. Can a tea company change the world? Well, this one will try as hard as it can.

© Berlin Tea Company - Tobi & Kanak
© Berlin Tea Company

Thank you / Danke

We would like to thank everyone who made Berlin Tea Company grow from a scribble to what it is today. We owe it to you for making us to believe our cups were always full. 


An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns bei einigen Menschen bedanken, ohne die die Berlin Tea Company nicht möglich gewesen wäre. Danke! 

Karin & Martin Biedermann

Vimla Mehra

Dagmar Neuberger

Vaibhav Mehra

Vikram Mittal

Nalin Agarwal

Manmohan Singh
Gernot Heinkelein