Über uns / About us

Welcome to the Berlin Tea Company. As long as we are around, our plan A, B, and C is to bring you teas to fall in love with. We believe every tea we have on offer is special. Every one of these teas has added an unadulterated goodness to our lives, one cup at a time. The teas you will find here are single estate, orthodox, from the finest tea estates India has on the map. In the future, like the present, we will scour the world of tea, and every time we fall in love, you will find the cup of our affection right here for you to enjoy.

Thank you / Danke

We would like to thank everyone who made Berlin Tea Company grow from a scribble to what it is today. We owe it to you for making us to believe our cups were always full. 


An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns bei einigen Menschen bedanken, ohne die die Berlin Tea Company nicht möglich gewesen wäre. Danke! 

Karin & Martin Biedermann

Vimla Mehra

Dagmar Neuberger

Vaibhav Mehra

Vikram Mittal

Nalin Agarwal

Manmohan Singh
Gernot Heinkelein