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Humanity is facing a pandemic that has no vaccine. And probably never will. Racism.

FCKRCSM is our way of doing something about it. Because Privilege of Color is real. Because being 'non-racist' is just not enough. 

Because it's now or never. We hope you will join us and spread the word. FCKRCSM is not just a 15 % discount code. It's a stand. 

Say it, post it, print it on t-shirts, graffiti it, shout it, whisper it, share it. Use it as a discount code, if you run a company. 

Please do something. Anything. 


Here's to a world filled with love, peace, and humanity.  


Welcome to the Berlin Tea Company



14 Queen of Hearts



Die Queen of Hearts ist für Großes bestimmt. Ein eleganter Duft, ein komplexer Geschmack von tropischen Früchten. Ein ganz außergewöhnlicher Darjeeling.



ab 6,90 €  


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